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    Resources Recommendations – Dr. Anderson

    Psychology Resources

    Psychology Resources including recommended psychology books, community organizations and related psychology websites by Dr. Carolyn Anderson.


    Depression and Anxiety

    The Feeling Good Handbook by David Burns – A cognitive-behavioral self-help workbook to combat depression by changing self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. Many therapists base their “homework” assignments for clients on the exercises in this book.

    The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Bourne – An overview of the causes and symptoms of anxiety and a menu of strategies and tools for self-managing anxiety.

    You are Not Your Brain by Jeffrey Schwartz – Explains self-defeating thoughts and behavior patterns in terms of brain function and, based on research on neuroplasticity, provides a roadmap for restructuring these patterns.

    Personal Growth

    The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt – A compelling synthesis of psychology, brain science, philosophy and spirituality that explores the frustrations of the human condition and the rewards and perils of chosen paths toward happiness.

    Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman – Written by a leading researcher in cognitive-behavioral therapy, the book shows how identifying and using our core strengths on a daily basis leads to a more fulfilling life.

    The How of Happiness by Sonia Lyubomirsky – A meta-analysis of research in the field of positive psychology that distills findings about the behaviors and attitudes of those who report high levels of happiness.


    Coping with Trauma by Jon Allen – Explains the neurological and psychological implications of trauma and offers a constructive, optimistic framework for post-traumatic healing and growth.

    Couples Issues

    Hold Me Tight by Susan Johnson – Explains how couples can transform their relationships by being willing to fully understand , accept and nurture not only their own emotional needs, but those of their partners.

    The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman – Written by the researcher who is credited with isolating the key attitudes and behaviors associated with divorce, this book helps couples cultivate the positive patterns needed to sustain happy partnerships over the long term and to avoid patterns that erode relationships.

    Mindfulness Meditation

    A Path with Heart by Jack Kornfield – Written by psychologist who was instrumental in bringing mindfulness meditation into mainstream Western psychology, this book provides a helpful overview of mindfulness meditation and its benefits as well as a roadmap for beginning a personal practice.

    Community Organizations and Websites

    Mhahouston.org – The Mental Health Association of Greater Houston offers education and information on local resources such as support groups and providers with sliding fee scales for individuals who are seeking therapy but have limited financial resources.

    Council-houston.org – The Houston Council on Alcohol and Drugs offers individual and family therapy for disorders of addiction at an affordable rate and serves the community with educational programs and resources.

    Other Helpful Websites

    Apa.org – The American Psychological Association’s site offers information and resources on mental health.

    Authentichappiness.com – The site founded of leading cognitive-behavioral researcher Martin Seligman. Free of charge inventories on psychological health are available, as well as other links and resources.

    Marc.edu – An excellent source of free mindfulness meditation downloads is offered by the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center of UCLA.

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